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The Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A), has the most stringent testing requirements for all Authentic Australian Labradoodles. Every breeding dog is issued a registration number and a grading once they have completed their health testing which includes Eye & Heart Certification, Hips, Elbows & Knees, and DNA testing for genetic disease. Once all test results have been submitted by the breeder to the Parent Club, the ALCA and approved, the registration number is issued. If you do not see a current year ALCA Logo - we recommend you not purchase a puppy without requesting to see health testing for the parent dogs.

We can only predict but nature will show us what it has in mind for each breeding.  Gender cannot be determined until birth!

Jayla Litter2020.jpg

Breeder reserves the right to change stud as necessary and without notification

2023 Upcoming Litters

Keep in mind when selecting no preference as it pertains to male or female, this preference allows those who specified to select the requested gender first.

Our Upcoming Early Winter - 2023 Litters

Our Dams

Our Sires

Miss Izzie and Smokey are expected to have large mini or small medium pups in this litter.  We are so very excited to see these newbies. They will be one generation from purebred Australian Labradoodles.  Smokey is as smart as they come, playful and sometimes determined to be your friend.  he Loves being close, long walks and just hanging out.   His eye contact is awesome.

Expected - Large Mini Litter - Bred - Due 4/28

Mandavilla Max (2).jpg

Lulu and Max are the parents of SmokeyJoe.  These will be large mini to small medium pups when full grown.  Black pups are questionable as this pairing has never given me a black pup.  We usually get caramel, red, apricot and chocolate parti or any of the other colors in parti.  Lulu is always a surprise.  We just adore the two of them as they are both loving and fun, very focused on their people.

Expected - Large Mini Litter - Bred-due 5/3

ClaireBear 1.jpg
Bailey Blue.jpg

Expected  - Small Mini Litter 

Ginger 1.jpg
Major Sam_edited.jpg

Expected  - Large Mini Litter - 24 to 28 pounds - Bred - Due 5/25/23

Bella Blue2.jpeg
Shadow and George Litter
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