The Australian Labradoodle Club of America (A.L.C.A), has the most stringent testing requirements for all Authentic Australian Labradoodles.  Every breeding dog is issued a registration number and a grading once they have completed their health testing.  Once all test results have been submitted by the breeder and approved, the registration number is issued. If you do not see a current ALCA Logo - Do not purchase a puppy without requesting to see health testing for that dog.

We can only predict but nature will show us what it has in mind for each breeding.  Gender cannot be determine until birth!

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Breeder reserves the right to change stud as necessary and without notification

Upcoming Late Summer - Fall & Christmas 2022 Litters

Keep in mind when selecting no preference as it pertains to male or female, this preference allows those who specified to select the requested gender first.

Remember, when selecting No Preference, you are saying you will take any puppy available.  

Updated 7/2/22

Miss LuluJoy is a playful, fun loving, highly intelligent girl which would be expected since Tangled is her grandmother.  She is SmokeyJoe's mom and he definitely has gotten the best traits from both parents.  She reads people like a book, she processes information extremely well and goes through training like a champ.  Thor is our very handsome sire.  He loves the outdoors, loves to cuddle, loves long walks and meeting new people.  We expect pups about 25 pounds full grown in black, chocolate or cream and some with white markings or parti. They could have an all black litter but as has been shown in the past, may not have any black pups at all.  We are always surprised and delighted with these pairing.

Bred - Pups due July 13th


Isabella, aka Izzy, is the full sister of our Trixie and the granddaughter of CocoaBleu.  Such a sweet soul she has.  Always looking to please and stays close by.  She cuddles and plays all in an instant.  Her cues come from you.  Of course, this is as an a puppy, she is just that, a baby puppy, who will take months to train and grow up to become your lifetime friend.  Bailey Blue is a happy go lucky little guy. Loves to play, walk hike and cuddle. Bailey just wants to have fun but settles very nicely. In this litter we are expecting apricots, caramel and cream, some with white markings @ approximately 22 to 26 pounds full grown.  

Bred - Pups due July 13th

Bailey Blue.jpg

Cayenne will be a first time mama with this breeding.  She is a Tangled great-granddaughter and weighs 25 pounds. She loves children, loves to run and play and most of all she loves snuggling on the sofa with you.  Nizzie is a small medium and is often called Fabio. He has the sweetest disposition ever. Expecting apricot, caramel, and cream pups some with white markings.

Bred - Pups due August 8th

Joey Nizmo.jpg

Bred - Pups due August 8th

Lady, a Tangled daughter, is incredibly smart and so very easy to train.  She is aware of everything and loves her outings. She is beautiful and just loves to cuddle and is a great little mama now.  Thor, a Cocoableu son, is so amazing, so in tune with his family. Thor is truly Bleu's offspring as their personalities are almost identical.  You could not love a dog any more. These guys are expection a litter of chocolate and white, chocolate, cream and/or parti pups weighing about 24 to 28 pounds full grown.


Little Miss Aspen is just a sweetheart.  She loves to cuddle, is so very obedient, loves to play and has a super sweet disposition.  An amazingly smart girl, we look forward to her pups as this will be her final litter.  Bailey Bleu is just a fun loving kinda guy.  He is just as highly intelligent, on mark at all times and when there is no girl around he is unequivocally, you ace!  Expecting pups in apricot, caramel, cream, perhaps parti or with white markings. 

Bred - Pups due August 22nd

Aspen 2.jpg
Bailey Blue.jpg

Sweet ClaireBear, you can't help but love her. This delightful, funny, playful litte girl is just the heartbeat of her family.  A CocoaBleu granddaughter, she brings joy wherever she goes.  Major Sam is just coming of age and will make a wonderful sire for ClaireBear, we are sure. We will be expecting a litter of parti pups in colors resembling their parents. 

Major Sam_edited.jpg

Sweet Princess Elsa.  A more loving companion would be hard to find.  Elsa's whole demeanor is connected with her special people. She adapts to any situation but her happiest time is with those she loves.  Bailey Blue is a happy go lucky little guy who loves to play, walk, hike and cuddle. Bailey just wants to have fun but settles very nicely. He is the epitome of man's best friend.  In this litter we are expecting apricots, caramel and cream, some with white markings @ approximately 24 to 26 pounds full grown.  

Bailey Blue.jpg

Expected Christmas Litters

Miss Tinka's very last litter will be our Christmas litter.  She always has four little beauties who look very much like her.  Tinka's Incanto litter is just one big ball of fluff.  Bailey just wants to have fun but settles very nicely. He is the epitome of man's best friend.  In this litter we are expecting apricot pups at approximately 13 to 16 pounds full grown.  

Fully Reserved

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Bella Bleu and SmokeyJoe, we are excited about this litter. Bella is oh so sweet and Smokey a little mischief maker right now. He has grown so much and we hope to see quite a few of the mini me pups.  We anticipate the litter have chocolates, caramel, cream, white and many with white markings or parti colored. 

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