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Welcome to PUPPY Kindergarten


LAKE BLUE  always has you in mind.  We want the very best for these precious pups and have partnered with Magster Dog Training, to provide just that.  


ABC'S & 123's of Puppy Development 

School Bus

Hi, I'm Linda, welcome to Puppy Kindergarten 101. This is a great first step toward enjoying your new four-legged family member!  Take a look around and get in touch with me when you are ready.  I am a certified trainer, and you can also find me on FACEBOOK.

I have always loved animals.  During my life I have trained my own dogs, cats and horses. After a 20-year career in law enforcement and years as a certified personal trainer, I decided to pursue my true passion of becoming a dog trainer. I researched dog training certifications and chose CATCH, Canine Trainer’s Academy.  After graduation I continued my studies and became certified by CCPDT, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the only nationally accredited organization.  I received my CPDT-Knowledge Assessed designation.

As a dog trainer I understand that my role is not just training your dog but also the entire family.  I draw upon my vast experience in teaching in order to create a positive learning environment for all. I am able to adapt to the style of the learner and explain exercises in an easy to understand way.

I regularly pursue continuing education and professional development because I believe that learning about dogs and training is a life-long pursuit. In the next year I plan on continuing my studies and becoming a certified service dog trainer to assist those with special needs.

I am a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and a member of the Wake County SPCA Pet Behavior Network.


So, have you ever felt that your dog didn’t understand what you were saying? In a sense, dogs do have their own language.  At Magster Dog Training, we will teach you that language so that you can better communicate with your dog. Using reward-based training (treats, toys, affection), we communicate with your dog in a way that he/she understands. We will show you how patience and consistency are of the utmost importance to create a bond where you and your dog will enjoy the training process.

We recognize that not everyone wants to go through all the puppy stages.  How wonderful it would be to receive a pup that is just about there and is familiar with the basics, i.e., crate trained, sit, stay, down, come and leash trained among other things.  Key to all this is early socialization to ensure a healthy, well balanced, pup.  

During our initial consultation we work with you to determine expectations of a puppy.  Any problematic behaviors or obedience issues you may be concerned about.  We listen to your concerns and work to find the best solutions possible.

Our in-home, board and train sessions consist of training your dog specific behaviors and then teaching you how to work with your dog to achieve the same results. We can also meet with you in alternate locations if further training necessitates.

If your family includes children, we spend time teaching them how to interact with your dog using age appropriate explanations.  

Our basic obedience program is cumulative starting with simple behaviors and progressing to more complex ones.  From puppies to adult dogs we work with you to make the goals you have for your dog a reality. 

Please feel free to contact us for question or to reserve a board and train spot with a trainer you can trust. 

Looking forward to meeting you and your new furry family member!



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Our training package includes:

1.    An introduction to puppy class 101 - sit, down, stay, leave it, take it, etc.

2.   Crate training

3.   Socialization 

4.   Leash training

5.   Name recognition

6.   Vet visit for the next round of puppy shots if training is four weeks, coordinated with you for payment directly to the veterinarian.

*A deposit is due when space is reserved.  Once in the program, payment is non-refundable.  

To Reserve Puppy Kindergarten please contact the trainer directly.

A picture of a cartoon bus.

School Bus...On our way!

a picture of a dog house
Road that the play scool bus is sitting on.
Image of puppy in front of dog house





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