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Parents of our Australian Labradoodle puppies give rave reviews for the following professions.  We hope all our  labradoodle puppies will be well cared for by all of their care givers....


Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Cary/Raleigh, NC

Walnut Street Animal Hospital

Cary, NC

Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital

Wake Forest, NC

Sanford Animal Hospital

Sanford, NC

Stage Rd Animal hospital

Angier, NC

Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital

Garner, NC

Complete Pet Care

Raleigh, NC

Paws of New York

Horsehead, NY

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Woman and girl with pet dog in veterinarian's office.jpg

2. Groomers


Apex, NC

Uncle Carl's

Elmira, NY

Gentle Care Grooming

Cary/Raleigh, NC

Jazzi Paws

Raleigh, NC


Tuscan Ridge Animal Hospital

Wake Forest

Groomer - Tina

Walnut Street Animal Hospital 

Cary -  Ana in Grooming

Kenz Dog Salon - Mobile Grooming - Virginia - 

Dog Haircut
Dog Grooming Tools
Nail Clip
Full Grooming

We firmly believe that positive training/positive reinforcement, is the only and most appropriate and effective training for any dog.  The use of prong collars, shock collars and heavy weighted collars is an abuse of the dog and inhumane.  Many a dog has been killed by shock collars! Unknown health conditions are accentuated when using a shock collar. Please love your dog as family, not as an object to be owned! 

Dog Walker
Woman and Dog on Hike
Dog Training
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