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Willa's prior litter pic's


Tinka & Bailey puppies Born: 2/26/22

Puppy Visitation: - 04/09/22 @12:30

Puppy go home: Saturday 04/23/22

Deposits are non refundable but will carry over and or be held for better timing

Bailey Blue.jpg

As much as we love all our little darlings we cannot keep your sweet baby beyond the go home date.  You see, just as we gave yours our full time and attention we have other little ones coming up behind them that also requires our full time and attention along with our adult dogs.  So please plan carefully and please utilize Puppy Kindergarten if you are unable to pick your precious baby up.  Thank you so much for understanding!

A.L.C.A Registration # Pending

Old school hand bell. Traditional design, brass with wooden handle. Well worn!.jpg
Red Striped Star
Little tinker bell.jpg
lanterns Peter Pen and Fairy Tinker Bell.jpg
Purple Bellflower Sketch

Updated 4/2/22

Miss Tinka Bell has four adorables - one male and three females. She and the pups are doing well.

Tinka 2022 1 litter.jpg

Updated 4/17/22

Tinka litter 5days.jpg
Tinka2 2022_edited.jpg

Introducing Mirabel (Yellow) Isabella (Pink) Luisa (Purple) and Bruno (Blue), our Encanto litter.


ISABELLA -Apricot wavy fleece female


Mirabel - Caramel wavy fleece female


Bruno - Apricot wavy fleece male


Louisa - Apricot wavy fleece female

Miss Tinka Bell had five adorable little ones, two females and three males. This is Tinks first litter and she is already an amazing mom!

Tinka litter 2.jpg










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