Dorie Lou and Tucker's litter!

Born 7/26/20

Puppy Party: 9/5/20

Go Home: 9/19/20 - Between 10:00 a.m. and 1p.m.

Dorie Lou


As much as we love all our adorable babies we cannot keep them beyond the go home date.  You see, just as we gave yours our full time and attention we have other little ones coming up behind them that also requires our full time and attention along with our adult dogs.  So please plan carefully and please utilize Puppy Kindergarten if you are unable to pick your precious baby up.  Thank you so much for understanding!

Updated 8-29-20

Our Newborns!

Just a few days old

Poo Bear - Cream fleece female

Creasy Bear - Chocolate fleece female

Huggie Bear - Caramel fleece coat male

Boo Boo Bear - Chocolate wavy fleece female

Juicy - Caramel - curly fleece coat- female

Macho - Chocolate - curly fleece - male

Oakley - Curly caramel boy

Previous Litter 1/20

Chestnut - now Hobie 

Coco Chanel - now Eloise - 

Umber - now Major Thor 

Russet - now Murphy

Toasty - now Lulu

Sit puppy sit!

Khaki - now Cody -